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Cargo Handling Services

Cargo Handling Services

Cargo Services

When it comes to handling bulk cargo, heavy lifting and container unloading/loading, here at 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons Ltd we are widely recognised as specialists at providing innovative loading and unloading solutions for our customers, no matter the size or shape of the consignment.

At our 12-acre facility in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, we have a complete range of container transport capable of loading and unloading cargo up to 80,000kg in weight. We have several internal gantry cranes with capacity up to 20,000kg, designed to handle sensitive equipment in inclement weather, and several fork lift trucks from 3500kg to 40,000 capacity.
We use only the latest certified and approved securing systems, offering cost-effective lashing of loads for safe and damage-free container transport and bulk cargo handling to shipping standards. Our team can travel to manufacturers’ premises nationwide for container loading and container stuffing. Using our own transhipping fleet, we can collect import containers from the quay and unload them at our facility for you to collect, or arrange for them to be distributed to you. We can also provide short or long term internal and external storage.

We can also provide recovery, transport, and unloading of damaged containers or goods within a container that have been damaged during transhipping. Any removal of damaged goods can be witnessed by insurance and customer representatives for maximum reassurance.

On top of container loading, de-vanning, containerisation, consolidation, and distribution we are also able to provide the recovery, transport, and de-vanning of damaged containers and/or goods contained within the container which have been damaged during transhipping. With facilities for the operations to be witnessed by appointed people, the careful removal of damaged goods can be witnessed by insurance and customer representatives.

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Here at 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons Ltd, we can handle and store shipments that other forwarders cannot. Our team of cargo handling experts ensure cargo is transported safely – avoiding delays and obstacles.

Our cargo handling services are great for managing loads of all shapes and sizes. We provide a cost-effective solution for handling large, heavy or bulky cargo and import containers, as well as damaged containers.

When it comes to cargo handling, no two projects are ever the same. At 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons Ltd, we aim to deliver cargo as quickly and safely as possible. We can provide a cargo handling service that suits your needs, ensuring consignments are delivered within the agreed time slot.

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