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Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage

Established more than 45 years ago, 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons Ltd are UK haulage leaders and guarantee a professional service for all customers. We cover every aspect of transport and haulage – ensuring safety every step of the way.

Providing UK heavy haulage for abnormal loads, our team have extensive experience and will carefully plan and execute logistics to ensure your cargo is delivered safely, on time and within budget. Making us your ‘one-stop-shop’ for heavy freight needs.

Our heavy haulage services are ideal for transporting plant machinery, aircraft parts, and other hefty equipment. But, no matter what you need to move, we can help – with a range of heavy haulage trucks that are configured to carry single loads or more complex freights.

Escort vehicles are vital for protecting abnormal loads travelling on heavy haulage trucks. Not only do they help to navigate challenging routes, they also alert other road users to their presence and the need to be extra vigilant.

At 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons, we provide private escorts for our heavy haulage vehicles, meeting the specifications set by the Highway Agency in the ‘abnormal loads and abnormal vehicles’ code of practice.

If you’d like to find out more about heavy haulage services in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is always on hand to help – feel free to call us on 01695 7037 880  or email

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Heavy haulage is used to transport huge pieces of equipment and machinery. We provide specialist haulage equipment and trained operators for peace of mind –  making sure items are moved quickly and safely. The team at 香港经典三级,亚洲香蕉在线视频播放 & Sons Ltd carefully plan and execute logistics to ensure efficiency and safety.

Established more than 50 years ago, we are leading providers of heavy haulage and ensure goods are handled correctly. We provide an extensive range of heavy haulage trucks that are suitable for carrying complex freights and single loads. We also provide escort vehicles and assess the best routes for haulage vehicles to take.

Our heavy haulage services are great for transporting, installing and handling heavy items that are large, bulky or unusually shaped. We can carry loads that are too large to fit on standard vehicles or transporters, including generators, turbines, cooling towers and industrial machinery.

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